A B2B subscription platform for Mumbrella

The Code Company has a long history of building WordPress solutions for Mumbrella – Australia’s largest publisher in the media, marketing and agency ecosystem.

So when the Mumbrella team wanted to reimagine their subscription offering, they turned to us.

The Challenge

Creating a digital solution to extend the life of major events.

Mumbrella host a large number of media and marketing conferences throughout the year.

Despite high attendance, the events team were frequently approached by delegates (or those unable to attend), requesting content from the sessions.

Mumbrella needed a subscription product that went further than its predecessor, The Source, and extended the life (and revenue potential) of flagship events. Enter Mumbrella Pro. 

The Code Company team was available at all stages, willing to change and adapt on the fly, and responded quickly to development issues.

What is usually a stressful and exhausting process was enjoyable and exciting.

Damien Francis,  Head of Content Mumbrella

Identifying a scalable subscription solution

We got started by facilitating a series of product definition workshops to clarify stakeholders priorities and understand what exactly was needed to make Mumbrella’s new revenue generation product a success.

The Code Company has extensive experience in building subscription sites that scale, so we were able to identify a solution that met the business needs and was technically viable.

Migrating complex billing and listings data

There were two significant components to the data migration for this project.


  1. Migrating from a legacy billing engine to Chargify. The new Mumbrella Pro product was deployed on the latest version of WordPress, as the content and user management system; while Chargify was implemented as the billing engine with a highly customised integration between the two systems.This needed to occur behind the scenes, without any interruption to billing or to the user experience.
  2. Migrating thousands of directory listings with inconsistent data structures due to the evolution of the previous data taxonomy and schema. This step required the engineering team to work closely with Mumbrella to normalise and standardise all the content coming through to Mumbrella Pro.

Mumbrella Pro launched a day early and with minimal issues.

The agency were a great partner. We worked in a truly collaborative approach with both the development and design team.

Damien Francis,  Head of Content Mumbrella

A data-designed user interface

Collaboration is critical to the success of any major website transformation

We partnered with our friends at With You Studio and worked iteratively through some of the data design challenges presented.

The design team worked in sync with the engineering team at The Code Company to create a stunning user interface that delivered on project objectives.

Billing engine intergration

We built a custom integration between Chargify and WordPress.

This gave the editorial teams best-in-class content editing tools and meant the support and subscription team could benefit from Chargify’s impressive suite of features:

  • Real-time renewal processing
  • Creating subscriber and member only content and multiple subscription tiers
  • Self-managed customer billing portal
  • Simple signup process and smooth UX
  • Automatic customer mapping
  • A native integration with WordPress using WordPress users, content and taxonomies.