We’re coders, thinkers,
problem solvers, team players


We’re straight-talking humans

Integrity is a simple thing but so often overlooked. 

We’re fascinated by our clients’ business and know that when it comes to choosing a website partner, relationships are just as important as technical skills.

  • When you work with The Code Company, you’ll never be just a number.
  • We promise to always do what we say we’ll do, communicate honestly and deliver on time.
  • And being Aussies, we reckon we’re pretty good value.

We code while you sleep

Our team is virtual and always has been. Since we’re not constricted by a single location, we’re able to work seamlessly with clients from all over the world.

WordPress publishing experts

We think first and act second.

Our team aren’t just tech geeks, they’re strategists -with vast experience in online publishing and an obsession with finding the best possible solution to the most perplexing of digital challenges.

We’ve helped dozens of media owners across the globe discover the best way to build, operate and monetise their digital publishing platforms. 

Cutting through complexity

Right now, the publishing game is evolving so fast, nearly everyone is guessing, messing or bluffing.  

That’s why our mission is clear: Find the simplest way to get extraordinary results.

We always focus on what’s really important to your media business and never get distracted by flashing lights and useless gadgets. 

Meet your team…

Alex Dickinson
Director of Business Development
Anthony Thorne
Engineering Manager
Ben May
Managing Director
Carl Alberto
WordPress Engineer
Dreb Bitanghol
Engineering Mananger
Ivan Goncalves
Senior Front-end Developer
Jackson Poultney
WordPress Engineer
James Payne
WordPress Engineer
Jeremy Prentice
Engineering Manager
Paul Tevis
Head of Project Management
Sam Lyons
WordPress Engineer
Simon Ridley
Project Manager
Stacey Astley-Clark
Communications & Partnerships
Tim Sheehan
Director of Technology
Vinny Green
Project Manager
Zac Hickson
Head of Engineering

Let’s work together.

If you have a digital publishing challenge, we’d love to help you fix it.

Send us a message and we’ll organise a time to chat.

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