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Ready to enhance your digital publishing business?

Your potential for success relies on your website’s ability to deliver the right technical scaffolding.

Off-the-shelf plugins will only get you so far. To create exceptional publishing experiences you need bespoke technology solutions that are as unique as your business.

The Code Company pride ourselves on the potency of our DevOps engineering capabilities.

We’ve strengthened this muscle because we understand how critical it is to the success of our digital publishing partners.

As a media company, we needed a partner that could understand and solve the unique technical problems we were facing.

The Code Company became a kind of publishing guru for us.

Francisco Alanís, Sopitas

High traffic performance

Nothing is more challenging to anticipate and manage than major traffic fluctuations. When a piece of content goes viral, your website (and hosting partner) must be prepared to scale instantaneously to handle the influx of site visitors.

Generalist WordPress agencies lack an understanding of the unique scaling challenges digital publishers face, so often lean too heavily on hosting companies for a solution.

But if your website’s code is written poorly, there’s only so much a hosting company can do to make up for it.

When you work with The Code Company, you can rest assured that your website and custom functionalities are built for high-performance scaling.


Built within WordPress

The Code Company build your custom functionality within WordPress — not an external tech stack that’s tied to your website using duct tape and rubber bands.

In every project, you’ll be guided through a structured process that ensures:

  • We understand your business goals and identify the best technical solution to your challenges
  • A bespoke solution is created within WordPress
  • Your custom functionality launches smoothly and safely