We’re an Enterprise WordPress agency
that specialises in digital publishing


Why partner with us?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a digital publisher is choosing which agency to partner with for development

The Code Company lives and breathes digital publishing — every day, on every project.  

Our expertise goes way beyond the technology and tools. We provide an end-to-end strategic roadmap for sustainable growth, ask the questions you hadn’t thought to ask, and offer a sophisticated solution to the publishing challenges you never knew existed.

New Site Builds

Need a high-performance publishing platform?

We’re specialist WordPress engineers with vast experience in creating solid, scalable tech stacks for media companies and content-led brands.

Replatforming & Migrations

Eliminate tech debt with a move to WordPress

We’re industry leaders in large-scale, complex data migrations. Clean up your content and keep your data safe with our seamless migration process.

Product Strategy & Ad Tech

Your technology sounding board

We don’t just build websites, our team are WordPress strategists that cut through tech complexity to prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Custom Functionality & Scaling

Move beyond off-the-shelf plugins

We’ll bring your publishing ideas to life with custom-built WordPress tools that create editorial efficiencies, boost performance and accelerate engagement.

When I’m evaluating partners to work with, The Code Company is my benchmark in terms of having confidence in their expertise.

Nick Torres, FreightWaves
Director of Media Technology

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