Data migration & replatforming to WordPress

Whether your existing website was built in a proprietary CMS or another platform, we’ll find the best way to migrate your content and keep your data (and your business) safe.

At some point, all publishers outgrow their tech stack

You might already recognise the signs: Poor site performance; a slow, clunky user experience; and an editorial process that takes way longer than it should.

Perhaps you’re tired of spending huge sums to achieve seemingly basic website tasks.

You’re not alone.

Over the last decade we’ve helped hundreds of other businesses facing similar publishing challenges.

The good news is that there’s a solution, and it’s The Code Company’s speciality.


Replatforming to WordPress is the fastest way to fix technical issues and accelerate performance

Our publishing clients see their business transformed instantly when they move to WordPress. No other CMS can match the reliability, ease of use and infinite customisation opportunities of WordPress.

Read how Private Media increased performance of their title Crikey by 200%.

Yet successfully migrating from one platform to another is no small feat. If you’re like most media businesses, your website is sprawling and complex with a host of functions and dependencies. 

Replatform with the wrong agency and you risk prolonged site outages, lost data, poor SEO and scrambled content classification systems.

Not only is the technology better since moving to WordPress, our site speed has improved by over 50% and our engagement scores have almost doubled.

Dave Lievense, Her Campus
Director of Product Engineering and IT

The industry leader in migrating and modernising enterprise publishing sites

The Code Company has the expertise to seamlessly and accurately migrate your digital publishing website to WordPress

We’re definitely not learning on the job.

Our team are replatforming specialists and technical engineers with vast experience in the complex migrations of large-scale websites.

Risk management is critical to the success of any technology project. That’s why we follow a tried-and-tested development process that delivers consistently successful results.