Transforming the owned media of a global corporation

With a rapidly growing global audience, GFG Alliance needed a modern, mobile-optimised website to showcase their brands and increase user interaction.

The Challenge

A content-first corporate website

GFG Alliance is an international mining, engineering and metal distribution company with a global portfolio of brands and investments.

Like an increasing number of corporate businesses, GFG had already realised the engagement benefits of investing in content.

They now needed a technical solution with the power to:

  • Increase awareness and showcase their brand portfolio
  • Highlight client stories, business impact and outcomes
  • Accelerate self-publishing capabilities
  • Drive SEO

A lightweight enterprise website that’s built for speed

Our team engineered a new content-first WordPress site that makes GFG Alliance look and feel more like a professional digital publisher.

Timeframes were tight, so our web designer worked collaboratively with GFG Alliance’s in-house team to establish a new site design framework. This encompassed a refresh of brand logos, typography and colours.

Once designed, these new elements were repeated throughout the site to ensure consistency and accelerate the approvals process.

By creating a WordPress staging site at the start of the project, the in-house team were able to populate content in real time, while our development team worked on the final build.

To eliminate clutter and increase performance, we developed a clean and crisp  publishing platform that’s easy to navigate and delivers lightning fast content across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Custom WordPress blocks for a unique workflow

Our development team created a series of custom WordPress Gutenberg blocks that align seamlessly with GFG Alliance’s unique workflow and communications priorities.

These custom blocks provide users with a distinctive on-brand visual experience, while ensuring the in-house team enjoy a simple, intuitive editorial experience on the back end.

Encouraging brand advocacy and social interaction

Sustainability is at the core of GFG Alliance values, so The Code Company crafted a sleek, purpose-built digital canvas to communicate these crucial brand stories.

We transformed a static website into a dynamic content hub to distribute news articles, blog posts, thought leadership and press releases.

A live Twitter feed on the homepage enables GFG Alliance to easily distribute new content and sparks engagement with key audience groups.

Driving brand engagement

A platform for influence

Executive Chauirman Sanjeev Gupta is the face and leading authority of GFG Alliance.

The Code Company created a website that elevates Sanjeev’s profile and provides a platform to amplify his voice.

  • All thought-leadership content is published directly to a dedicated ‘Sanjeev’ page.
  • The page is clearly accessible from the main navigation
  • Readers are then encouraged to learn more about company values and background

The resulting website is a best-in-class example of how corporate brands can model digital publishers in order to drive deeper engagement.